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The Workout

Balance, core, and flexibility are our 3 core elements that are built into every workout. Our partners at Tulane Women’s Sports Medicine believe this is the key to injury prevention with their college athletes and we apply it to our workout as well.  These are key in injury prevention not only when you work out, but in everyday life.  We set out to create a workout that doesn't cause injury, but actually prevents it.  


Don’t worry if you have never boxed or kickboxed before, we are going to teach you!  And we are going to teach you proper form as well.  You’re here, you may as well learn to properly kick and punch and proper form is also imperative for your safety, which we always have in mind.  


Also, because we are an all-female studio, the workout was designed with women in mind.  We as women want long, lean muscles with definition, not bulk, so you are going to find less traditional boxing and fitness moves such as push-ups and sit ups and find more of integrative approach that includes barre-like moves, Pilates, and yoga.   We can also focus on things like hip openers and strengthening the knees, issues that are specific to women’s bodies.  


But don’t worry, we are still going to be doing a LOT of #KICKingbutt at the same time!  Many of our workouts focus on HIIT as we know that is what torches the most calories and keeps your metabolism burning hot long after you’re finished working out.  We promise you this, you are going to get a KILLER workout.


The workouts are all designed to be 50 minutes to get you in and get you out.  We are all so busy, we believe if you get a #KICKbutt workout in 50 minutes, you’re good for the day.  Take the extra 10 minutes to run a bath, read a book, make some fresh food, or pour yourself a glass of wine.


And because girls just want to have fun, we have a lot of it!  KICK is a place where we as women can just be ourselves.  Don’t be surprised if a little dance party breaks out!