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The Technology

The modern studio is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology for you to get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.  We love being able to track your results quantifiably and we know you will too.  We give you results you can measure.


We will be tracking your heart rate via Fitmetrix by Mindbody so you can see exactly when you’re each heart rate zone, your heart rate, calories burned, and points earned while in class!  The studio is equipped with 2 flat screen tvs that display your stats in real time while you work out.  You will also be emailed your results following class.  Not into stats and just want to zone into your workout?  You don’t have to participate!


When you become a member and log onto our website, you have exclusive access to an extensive profile that is proprietary to our studio.  Your profile will show your class stats from past workouts including heart rate info & points earned.  You’ll see your upcoming classes and past classes as well and see patterns of class attendance.  You can book classes, class packs, memberships, and adjust your membership as well. When you reserve your class, you also be able to pick your specific heavy bag. You can also easily update your account with a photo avatar, any of your personal information, and payment info.  You can add photos of your progress as well and track your measurements, weight, performance stats, and more! 


We also have an InBody body composition scale in the studio that is said to be the most accurate scale on the market and can measure everything from your weight, water weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage, BMI, BMR, you name it!  If you decide to use the scale, your results are printed out for you to keep and automatically uploaded into your member profile for you to track you progress. How cool is that?!


Our studio is equipped with the best sound system and a wireless headset for our instructors that automatically duck the music when they speak so you can actually hear and understand the instructors as well!


Finally, look out, our app is in development now!  Coming soon!